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My name is Giorgio Tonti, I'm an olive farmer.

Born in the countryside, over the last 15 years olive production has become my passion and my job.

My father and I decided to concentrate exclusively on olive trees: young plants are intersperse among ancient trees planted by my ancestors.

I choose to plant only local varieties which were disappearing. I produce 5 different mono-variety extra virgin olive oils, all with different features. Year after year it is really amazing to taste them!

This is the small contribution that I give to the maintenance of an historical and cultural heritage of biodiversity that we can not afford to lose and that makes me proud of my work.

I cultivate my land following the principles of a sustainable agriculture. In a few years I will move into organic farming, becouse I reject an agriculture solely devoted to productivity, with no respect of nature and its resources.

My extra virgin olive oil is a high quality product and it is the result of healthy agriculture in balance with nature. 

We are living in foolish times, losing touch with our past ... It's time to stop and think, it's time to return to the land!